Cultural and Community Enrichment Series

The Cultural and Community Enrichment Series at 香蜜影视offers exciting opportunities for both students and the general public to experience and learn from artists, authors, business leaders, historians, philosophers, musicians, scientists, photographers, poets and other experts from around the world. These annual events are donor-funded and open to the public.

See below for information on upcoming events. 

Cultural and Community Enrichment Series Events


photo of Amanda BrinkmanFirst Interstate Bank Progress & Prosperity Community Conversation Series presents

Amanda Brinkman

6 p.m. | Mar. 7, 2024
Surbrugg/Prentice Auditorium @ LCCC鈥橲 Cheyenne Campus

Nationally Renowned Brand Expert, Forbes Contributor, On-Camera Personality

Amanda Brinkman is the creator, producer and host of the Emmy-nominated series 鈥淪mall Business Revolution,鈥 which was featured on HULU, Prime Video and was named among Inc. Magazine鈥檚 top shows for entrepreneurs. Each season the Small Business Revolution revitalizes a different community鈥檚 鈥淢ain Street鈥 through small business makeovers. Every episode they help the entrepreneur with marketing, finance, operations and physical transformations of their space. 

Amanda will share the lessons learned in working with small businesses and communities across the country. She will offer the audience actionable advice on supporting small businesses and common traits in communities that are thriving.

photo of Taylor MaliThe Gerald & Jessie Chambers Speakers Series presents

Taylor Mali 

6 p.m. | Apr. 16, 2024
ANB Bank Leadership Center in the Clay Pathfinder Building @ LCCC鈥橲 Cheyenne Campus

Acclaimed Performance Poet, Education Advocate
Author of 鈥淲hat Teachers Make鈥

Taylor Mali, a , has done little more than write and perform poetry鈥攁nd teach others to do the same鈥攕ince 2000. His poems 鈥渁re clear. They are almost always hysterically funny, often sentimental, appealing, accessible. And smart鈥 (Bob Holman). He is a vocal advocate of teachers and the nobility of teaching, having taught in one capacity or another since 1990.

Clay Watercolor Workshop

Richard Sneary

June 3-7, 2024

Cheyenne, WY

The Clay Watercolor Workshop brings top watercolor instructors to Cheyenne, Wyoming for a week of instruction, critique and celebrating the joy of watercolor painting. In 2024, we will welcome Watercolorist Richard Sneary to Cheyenne to share his expertise in painting built environments, landscapes and how to capture a sense of place in your paintings.

Lighthouse Watercolor Painting by Richard Sneary


Richard started painting professionally in 2011, after over 40 years as an architectural illustrator and architect, and has painted in more than 100 plein air events and organized paint-outs since then. He is signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Outdoor Painters Society, American Impressionists Society, Missouri and Kansas Watercolor Societies, & Missouri Valley Impressionists Society. He has taught architectural design and drawing at the University Of Kansas, and has led many workshops around the country. Recent awards include: Grand Prize, Lighthouse Plein Air 2022; 2nd Place , Paint Annapolis 2022; 2nd place, Estes Valley Plein Air, 2022 & 2023; Body Of Work, En Plein Air Texas 2021; Best Of Show, Stems Plein Air 2020; 2nd Place Artists Choice, Telluride 2018; 1st Place Quick Paint, Frederick 2013; Best of Show, 2018 & 2012 MVIS Annual Juried Exhibition; Historic Preservation Award, Best Architectural Award, Honorable Mention, Best Use Of Light, Honorable Mention, and Life Of A Waterman awards in 2012, 2013, 2017, 2019, 2023 at Plein Air Easton; Faculty Artist at Streamline鈥檚 3rd Annual Watercolor Live 2023; Faculty Artist at The 5th Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo 2016; Featured Artist in Watercolor Magazine, 鈥淧laying Within the Lines鈥, February/March 2022; June 2016; Special Feature in Plein Air Magazine, 鈥淒eep In The Heart Of West Texas鈥, June/July 2020; Featured Artist in Plein Air Magazine, Aug/Sept 2014; Best Overall Watercolor for the Apr/May Plein Air Salon Competition. Represented by Art Gallery Prudencia, San Antonio; McBride Galley, Annapolis, MD.

Clay Watercolor Workshop

Artist's Demonstration and
Gallery Reception

5:30 p.m. | June 6, 2024

Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery
香蜜影视Campus | Cheyenne, WY


The Clay Watercolor Workshop brings top watercolor instructors to Cheyenne for a week of instruction, critique and celebrating the joy of watercolor painting. In 2024, we will welcome Watercolorist Richard Sneary to Cheyenne to share his expertise in painting built environments, landscapes and how to capture a sense of place in your paintings.

As part of this annual event, an Artist's Demonstration and Gallery Reception showcasing the work of the artist and workshop students will be held on Thursday, June 6 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery on the 香蜜影视Campus. This event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

Artist Richard Sneary will give a demonstration on basic watercolor technique.


An architect and renowned architectural illustrator, Richard Sneary has over the last 3 years also begun painting en plein air in watercolor. His background as an architect / illustrator of architecture often compels him to include something of the built environment, whether it's a town square, back yards, an alley, old derelict structure, marina, trains, bridges, an industrial structure, or fence posts on a farm.  

Like many artists, Richard is drawn to subjects by light and color, but also by the sense of place, its character, and the story he sees in it, and it is the juxtaposition of light, color, contrast, form, abstraction, and detail that make the stories work.  

Richard is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and Missouri Watercolor Society, a member of the American Watercolor Society, and a member of Missouri Valley Impressionist Society. Recent awards include 1st Place in Fast & Fresh at Plein Air Richmond 2013, 1st Place in Quick Paint at Easels in Frederick 2013, 1st & 3rd Place in watercolor at 2013 Stems Plein Air Paint, Honorable Mention at Wayne Plein Air 2013, Best of Show at the 2012 Missouri Valley Impressionist Society Inaugural Juried Exhibition, 3rd Place Award at 2012 Plein Air Vermont, Best Architectural Award for the 2012 Plein Air Easton competition, and Best of Show in the 2011 Stems Plein Air Paint.  His work is represented by Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan, Kansas.

Richard Sneary's Official Website

The Ed & Caren Murray Art Series presents

An Art Exhibit by Colette Smith

Aug. 12 - Sept. 8 in the Esther and John Clay Fine Art Gallery 

Gallery hours are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The opening reception will be held at 6 p.m. on Sept. 5 in the Surbrugg Prentice Auditorium Lobby/ Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery.

The For The Love Of The Arts is a fundraising auction & gala that celebrates all of the creative and artistic things happening at 香蜜影视. 

This year's event will be held at 6 p.m. on Sept. 7 in the Surbrugg Prentice Auditorium Lobby/ Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery.

Literary Connection is an annual gathering at 香蜜影视to celebrate the written word and acknowledge the special relationship between authors and readers.

Join us on the 香蜜影视campus for a lively evening with authors Tom Holm and Tanaya Winder.

The Curt Kaiser Ethics Speaker presents

Lunch and Learn with Dr. Ryan Holston

Noon on Oct. 29 in the ANB Bank Leadership Center in the Clay Pathfinder Building

Past Cultural and Community Enrichment Series

  • Beast Women, 2011
  • Chanticleer, 2014
  • Red Riding Hood, 2016
  • Chanticleer, 2022
  • King鈥檚ingers, Acapella Choir, 2002 The Bank of the West Music Series presents Mark Sloniker, pictured April 27, 2010, with wife, Colleen Crosson, and son Myles.
  • John Corigliano, Composer, 2002
  • Gene Pekorney, Tuba Player, 2004
  • Vienna Boys Choir, 2004
  • PDQ Bach, 2005
  • Air Force Falconnaries, 2006
  • Canadian Brass, 2007
  • DBR & The Mission, 2007
  • Acoustic Eidolon, 2008
  • Mark Sloniker, 2010
  • Aakash Mittal, 2011 
  • Dave Pietro, 2012
  • Dr. James Kosnik, 2013
  • Chanticleer, 2014
  • Aurora Borealis, 2015
  • Laura Pelon, The Living Roots of Music, 2015
  • Larry Agenbroad, Wooley Mammoth, 1999
  • Ray Suarez, NPR, 2000
  • Dr. Maeve Leakey, 2001
  • Joel Meyerowitz, 2002
  • Dr. Howard Gardner, 2005
  • Dr. Jane Mainschein, 2005
  • Dr. Douglas Owsley, 2006
  • Leonard Pitts, Jr., 2008
  • Alfred Lubrano, 2009
  • Greg Mortenson, 2010
  • Winona LaDuke, 2012
  • Sam Mihara: Memories of Heart Mountain, 2015
  • A Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Women鈥檚 Suffrage in Wyoming, 2019
  • Sam Mihara: Memories of Heart Mountain, 2019
  • Rick Ewig: Bribery & Corruption in Cheyenne during WWII, 2021
  • Tayler LaSharr, Deer 139, 2022
  • Recall: Artist Remember 9/11, 2002
  • Chris Gustin, 2007
  • Jesus Moroles, 2008
  • Trine Bumiller, 2009
  • Zachary Pullen, 2010 
  • Pravina Gondalia, 2011
  • Vanda Edington, 2012
  • John Frame, 2013
  • Kit White, 2014
  • Natalia Wr贸bel, 2015
  • Lea McComas, 2016
  • Rebecca Davis, 2017
  • Laramie County Artists Then and Now: Brandon Bailey, Guadalupe Barajas, Kim Castaneda, Steve Knox, and James Overstreet, 2022
  • Areleta Petch, 1995 Trine Bumiller Gallery Show
  • Judi Betts, 1996
  • Eric Wiegardt, 1997
  • Frank Webb, 1998
  • Ken Hosmer, 1999
  • Joseph Bohler, 2000
  • Frank Francese, 2001
  • Maggie McLellan, 2002
  • Terry Madden, 2003
  • Brenda Semanick-Locascio, 2004
  • Catherine Gill, 2005
  • Frank LaLumia, 2006
  • Stan Miller, 2007
  • Judi Betts, 2008
  • Jean Pederson, 2009
  • Gerald Fritzler, 2010
  • Mark Mehaffey, 2011
  • Ken Hosmer, 2012
  • Mike Bailey, 2013
  • John Hulsey, 2014
  • Rose Edin, 2015
  • Lian Quan Zhen, 2016
  • Tom Lynch, 2017
  • Karen Knutson, 2018
  • Gloria Miller Allen, 2019
  • Anne Abgott, 2021
  • Don Andrews, 2022
  • Dr. Bruce Perry, 2002
  • Dr. Bruce Perry, 2003
  • Dr. Zoltan Acs, 2007
  • John Collar, 2009
  • Daniel Pink, 2010
  • Peterson Farm Brothers, 2016
  • Financial Wellness Symposium, 2021
  • Annie Proulx, James Galvin, C.J. Box, Gus Lee & Alexandra Fuller, 2004Literary Connection
  • Kent Haruf, Honoree Jeffers, Jill McCorckle, Mark Spragg & Robert Pack, 2005
  • Connie Mae Fowler, Rita Golden Gelman, JR Moehringer, Robert Michael Pyle & Virgil Suarez, 2006
  • Jeffery Hawthorne Bullock, Myla Goldberg, Jill MCorkle, David Romtvedt, Bob Shacochis, 2007
  • Pam Houston, Laura Pritchett, Bill Roorbach, 2009
  • Rick Bass, Rob Caisley, Sasah Pimental-Chac贸n, 2010 
  • Margaret Coel, Ben Mikaelsen, LeeAnn Roripaugh, 2011
  • John Calderazzo, Tim O'Brien, Car Valente, 2012
  • Poe Ballantine, Dave Jannetta and Lisa Zimmerman, 2013
  • Kurt Caswell, Ernie Cline and Danielle Pafunda, 2014
  • Allen Kurzwell and George Bilgere, 2015
  • Craig Childs and Alexandra Fuller, 2016
  • Craig Johnson and Sharman Apt Russell, 2017
  • Carrie LaSeur and Karen Abbott, 2018
  • Annette McGivney and Carine McCandless, 2019
  • Felicia Zamora and Ausma Zehanat Khan, 2021
  • Christine Carbo and Ron Franscell, 2022
  • Richard K. Davidson, UP CEO, 2001Eric Chester, Generation 鈥淲hy鈥 or Getting Them to Give a Damn
  • Jerry McMorris, Chairman, President & CEO Colorado Rockies Baseball Club, 2002
  • Larry Hiers, The Story of Cabelas, 2003
  • Victor Dover, New Urbanism, 2003
  • Jack Pelo, CEO Swire Coca-Cola, 2004
  • Paul Perkins, President Amatrol, 2005
  • Dr. William Carroll, American Chemical Society, 2007
  • Eric Chester, Generation 鈥淲hy鈥 or Getting Them to Give a Damn, 2008
  • James Young, Union Pacific Railroad Chairman, President and CEO, 2010 
  • Doug Nath, Anadarko Petroleum Corp. Oil and Gas in Wyoming, a two-part series, 2011
  • Jeff Ashby, U.S. astronaut, 2012
  • Career and Industry Growth in Cheyenne, 2015
  • Jason Brubaker, DreamWorks Animation & Coffee Table Comics, 2022
  • Robert Bly, 2003
  • Robert Pack, 2007
  • Temple Grandin, 2009
  • Lauren Myracle, 2010
  • Poe Ballantine, 2012
  • Don Cellini, 2013
  • Fred Downs, 2015
  • John Straley, 2017
  • Matthew MacLachlan, 2022
  • Gordon Bok, 2004The Wyoming Tribune-Eagle presents moosebutter, pictured Oct. 6, 2009, with Scott Walker, V.P. of Marketing and Operations for the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle.
  • Faustwork Mask Theatre, 2005
  • Gran Folklorico de Mexico, 2006
  • Freedom Sings, 2007
  • The Acting Company, The Tempest, 2008
  • Moosebutter, 2009
  • Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, 2010 
  • Portland Tiako, 2012
  • Gamelan Tunas Mekar, 2013
  • Chanticleer, 2014

*Fund has been discontinued

  • Photography as Fine Art Workshop/Open House
  • Nat Coalson, 2015
  • Colleen Miniuk-Sperry, 2016
  • Chuck Kimmerle, 2017
  • Jennifer Evenhus, 2017
  • Robert Carsten, 2019
  • Colleen Miniuk, 2021
  • Dr. Robert Fuller, 2010
  • Andrea Batista Schlesinger, 2010
  • Dr. Barry Glassner, 2012
  • Dr. Jeffrey Wigand, 2013
  • Frank Bucaro, 2014
  • Cowboy Ethics, 2016